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Sievax helps companies to find new business insights by analyzing their data sources. Our projects typically contain three main activities: business analysis, data modeling and business analytics tool development. We can realize analytical projects independently or provide specific consultancy within existing projects to reach the best result!

Sievax Expertise

Business Analysis

What questions do you have?

In every analytics project, we try to find answers to your business questions in your company's data sources. Therefore, we work closely with business users to gain a good understanding of your businesses, the underlying processes and the related data sources.

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Data Modeling

Which answers can we find in your data?

We pick up your data and wrangle it into our analytical tools. Using advanced statistical and data-mining algorithms, we try to find mathematical models which explain (or predict) how your data behaves. These new insights will be used to answer your business questions.

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BA Tools

How do we operationalize our models?

An important goal in our analytics projects is to make the output of our mathematical models tangible for business users. We can build a business analytics (BA) tool which incorporates our models as usable and well-thought visualizations, supporting business users to take the right action at the right moment.

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Sievax embeds its analytics expertise into an iterative and flexible 'metro line approach'. Our metro network allows fast and efficient movement between different stages (metro lines) and activities (stops). Every metroline is bidirectional in order to support short iterations accross process steps.

Sievax Approach Metro Network
Metro Line 1

From Business Question To Idea Backlog

An analytics project is initiated by listening to your needs and by inventarizing your data sources. Once we fully grasp your business questions and the relevant data, we investigate how we could apply data analysis within your business context. This will ultimately lead to an idea backlog, containing different ideas about how we can solve your business questions using data analysis.

Metro Line 2

From Idea Backlog To Model

You can prioritize the idea backlog and we will work out the ideas that get the highest priority. First, we transform and match the needed data. This data will then be analyzed by one or more data mining algorithms in order to find recurring patterns or trends. At regular basis, we will gather feedback by presenting our (intermediate) data mining results. Ultimately, this line leads to an analytics model which helps to answer your business questions.

Metro Line 3

From Model To BA Tools

When a model provides valuable business insights, we can turn it into a business analytics tool that can be used at regular basis by your business users. As a first step, we create a few prototypes to test which tool we need. Once we agree upon the tool format, we develop and deploy it. Examples of business analytics tools are automatically generated reports, dashboards, interactive exploration tools, infographics, mobile apps, etc.


Data analytics techniques can be applied in various domains like marketing, sales, fraud detection, inventory (stock) analysis or human resources. Below you can find a short description of three projects we recently finished. If you like to know more about our projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Segmentation

What is the profitability of your customers?

Customer Segmentation

In this project, we analyzed a customer database of one of our clients. This database contained both descriptive data (profile information of every customer) and behavioral data (orders per customer). We built a model capable of grouping clients in three categories: top tier, second tier and third tier. Top tier clients are the ones you most want to retain, second tier are the ones you work on to get them in the top tier, and the last category contains clients which might not be interesting for your business (you even lose money servicing these people).

Market Basket

Which products are frequently bought together?

Customer Segmentation

For this client, we analyzed the sales behavior of its customers in order to identify sets of products frequently bought together. Our model analyzed orders from the past five years and came up with a detailed list of product sets. We incorporated this model in an interactive dashboard tool which is now being used by the client's marketing division. It changed the way promotion campaigns are built and stimulates response rates on marketing actions.

Inventory (Stock) Management

How many stock do you need to preserve?

Inventory Analysis

In this project, we investigated how we could optimize the amount of inventory a company holds. Together with the business users, we analyzed the inventory and sales data of the past year. This resulted in an inventory simulation model predicting the amount of inventory needed without running out of service. Our model predicts the amount of inventory based on three parameters: product type, day of the week and service centre.


Sievax was founded in 2013 by Jan Meskens as 'Strategy to gain Insights Empowered by Visualization and AnalytiCS'. Jan holds a PhD in computer science and worked in various large analytics and information visualization projects. His experience learned that analytics can be very powerful and affordable if it is employed from a business perspective instead of a software perspective. This is why Sievax was founded, a company that puts the business question upfront to deliver exactly the analytics solution you need. Sievax supports its mission by a well-thought out approach in combination with flexible - and often open-source - software solutions.

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